Limiter crashes


when I run the limiter on tracks > 1 hour it crashes at aproximately 2/3 progress. Reproducable on 2 files.

This didn’t hapen on 2.X. I am aware that the noise gate has RAM limitations on long tracks, is the same now true for the limiter? When I use the limiter on both halfs of track seperately it works fine.


It is right now, but it shouldn’t be (it’s a bug). In fact the same problem currently affects most Nyquist effects.
The developers are looking into it and hope to have it fixed for Audacity 3.0.1.

Thank you again for quick clarification. :slight_smile:

As you have probably worked out for yourself, the workaround until the bug is fixed, is to process long tracks in smaller sections.

FYI, I confirm I’m seeing the limiter crash, too. Screen recording here:

As background, what’s my use case for “long” limiting? I’m a DJ, and record a single, long set (in Traktor). I have historically edited the resulting recording with the following workflow:

  • Select all track
  • Apply limiter (set to roughly a mid-point between lowest volume track and loudest) (broken in 3.0.0)
  • Select all track
  • Apply compressor with makeup gain. (Sometimes simply amplify instead, but compressor seems to sound better afterwards.)