Limited volume when Exported as MP3-Audacity 3.5.1

Only with this new 3.5.1
When I export 5 tracks as a MP3 file, one track when high volume, lowers the volumes of the other tracks. Never met this on the former editions. There is surely something to check, but don’t know where.
Thanks for helping

That’s weird…

It’s probably not related to MP3 so try WAV to eliminate that variable.

Then, what exactly are you doing? Are you mixing 5 tracks (like mixing guitar & vocals) or are you using Export Multiple (like splitting an album into individual tracks)? Something else?

Thanks. I’ll try your suggestion. But I must test my computers to see if this happens on either PC.
Just remember that it’s years I’ve been using Audacity and never saw that before since the update. I’ll keep you inform.

Hi, I’ve got the beggining of an answer : it’s coming from a computer.
On the computer where I made the mix and save as (MP3 or WAV) it gives this problem.
I copy and paste all the files on an second computer and there is no problem at all.
So, what can I check/test on the first computer?

Check Windows “enhancements”.