Limit memory usage during batch processing: limit undo depth


Tried recently the clean speech mode on 1-week discussions recordings with Audacity 1.3.5.

My data hard disk got full while batch-processing 3 hours of discussion only, due to the temporary database! (10 Gb occupied)

There would be 2 reasons for this:
1/ there would be a purge issue in the database ;
2/ the undo capability would take lots of space.

The idea would be introducing a simple parameter, which limits the undo depth.
So that the user could chose ‘unlimited’ or an integer, the integer being the length of the undo list. Users could chose ‘0’ for no undo feature.
Per default it could be ‘unlimited’ as it would be currently.

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This issue is known about. I think that current plans are to make Audacity clear out its temporary files after each file has been processed, rather than waiting until the entire batch has completed and the program closed.