Light stutter noise during playback

Hi there,

I’m having a bit of a stutter filled with a buzzing sound during my audio recording. The words are quite legible still, but it’s difficult to listen to. Any chance you guys have a suggestion on how to clean this up? (I’m a bit new when it comes to audio.) Recorded via audacity on Win10 via a wireless mic, then transferred to another Win10 machine.

I’ve attached a sample. Please let me know if you need more!

There’s two main problems with that audio:

  1. The recording level is too high, causing “clipping” distortion.
    Solution: The recording level needs to be reduced so that the peaks fit easily inside the track. It’s a good idea to aim for waveforms that are about half the track height.

  2. The recording is “skipping”, leaving lots of little gaps in the recording.
    This problem is more difficult because there are a lot of possible causes.
    Which version of Audacity are you using?
    What recording equipment are you using?
    What settings do you have in the Device Toolbar?