I hope as a long time podcaster who does his sound file processing with audacity and has always published through Libsyn that this is an acceptable topic. (If it isn’t, can someone point me to a general podcasting discussion group (no on this board) where questions like this are appropriate?)

The question is simple: did Libsyn support take yesterday off as a holiday? I assume they did because I’ve had a very simple question and a support assist request that hasn’t been answered for 36 hours but no stall mail and for the life of me I can’t find mention on their site that they are closed on Columbus Day.

They are closed on Sat and Sun, though, which simply blows my mind! (I just found out)

So, I’m still sweating over a link addressing error I sent out to my social media network yesterday.

NOt knocking Libsyn in general, of course. Just wondering if I’m being ignored or if they really were closed yesterday, the most marginal of Federal holidays.