libmp3lame.dylib Not found????

I can’t export/import due to Audacity not being able to see libmp3lame.dylib, even though it is right where it should be, I point Audacity to the file, I do everything but rub it’s nose in it. What am I missing here?

What are you trying to import and export exactly?

You can import MP3 into Audacity as shipped.

LAME (libmp3lame.dylib) is only for exporting MP3. Use these instructions: .

FFmpeg is for importing and exporting AAC, AC3, WMA and various other formats. Use these instructions to get it .

It is sometimes better to use the above sets of instructions than use the LAME or FFmpeg installer, because sometimes Mac can lock the library where Audacity installs it.


Trying to import/export M4A files. I tried the alternate method with no luck.

Yea, I thought LAME was not for M4A’s but that’s what it seemed to be looking for, so that’s what I was trying to give it. Got FFmpeg installed from a different app and Audacity didn’t like/recognize that either. Followed your link, got the zip, everything seems to be happy now. Just my luck. If it can be screwed up, I will accomplish it. :cry:

As you can see from the Manual, the FFmpeg library required for for loading via Preferences is no later than 0.6.2.

We are hoping to do an update for later FFmpeg in the not too distant future, or use the FFmpeg executable directly rather than keep updating for the latest FFmpeg dynamic library loaded through Preferences.

You can export now using almost any version of FFmpeg ( ) but you cannot import that way.