libav error [CLOSED]

Hi all…

After searching forums i found the issue could be related to the FFMpeg libdavformat plugin, but jut wanted to make sure.

I am uing converting software which also save as AAC. but in iTunes i get the following:

“iTunes quit unexpectedly when using the libavformat.dylib plugin”

I believe iTunes may have its own libavformat and perhaps its using the wrong one? shrugs

the location of this is in the FFmpeg folder that got extracted after i added plugin to Audacity… I keep all audacity plugins in the plugin’s folder in /Applications/Audacity for convenience being part of the application, and there is no libavformat in /user location.

However the file is “libavformat55” maybe an incompatibility with iTunes 12.3.2?

Either way, in my case it does not seem to affect converting from ituens as it does not interrupt playback, but the error appears… As per the solution, should i remove the libav ? And if i do that i will loose access to exporting via Audacity. I’m using audacity version 2.1.1 on OS X 10.10.5

Is this an Audacity problem? Might it be a problem with your AAC converting software? What is the name of that software?

iTunes does not use libav of its own accord. It sounds as if your converter software may be hooking into QuickTime or iTunes.

If you uninstall FFmpeg for Audacity, you will not be able to export M4A (AAC), AC3, AMR-NB or WMA or a few other formats or format/codec combinations.


u’r right…My mistake… I uninstalled Audacity and all plugins and still have the issue, so its the converting software.