levels clipping


just started using audacity linked with a Pro-ject Preamp/ external soundcard to record my vinyl. Problem is the levels (input) are clipping and I can’t seem to adjust them down. There is no facility to turn the levels down on the Pro-Ject box and the mic/level slider in Audacity doesn’t seem to make any differnce. Pro-Ject box comes into the PC through USB so I can’t turn the input level down on that either.

any advice / help much appreciated.


Sounds like it might be an issue with your soundcard drivers. Are you using standard Windows drivers? Or did your USB device come with it’s own drivers?

You might also have your pre-amp setup to use the wrong style cartridge. I know MM cartridges are quite a bit louder than MC, so if that’s set wrong you might be clipping before you even get to the computer.


thanks very much for your reply.

I am just using standard windows drivers - no driver came with the preamp box and audacity was recommended in the manual (all two pages of it!)

re the carts I am using ortofon concord pro S, and I think they are MM, not MC - please let me know if you think I have got that wrong. Will it cause any damge if I just try it on the MC setting?

the levels are only just clipping, but its pretty consistent with all my vinyl.

if you can help more would be gladly appreciated, I know my vinyl, decks / mixers etc but pretty new to the whole recording / studio setting up.



You won’t hurt anything trying the MC setting, the current is way too low out of either style cartridge to cause any damage to anything.

I think it’s a driver issue though. Audacity can only adjust your input gain if your drivers allow you to. Maybe you have something set wrong in your driver software. But I can’t say for sure.

If you use Windows, this might help:

If that doesn’t work, have you spoken to the company that made the pre-amp?