Levelling out Pitch?

Hi there

Completely new to Audacity

I think what I need to do is level out pitch but I’m not sure…

Here’s what I intend to do: I’m going to create my own chanting sample for a track. I’m going to take a sample from somewhere ie. a line from a movie, or TV show, or whatever, then make it monotone so it sounds like a chant, if that makes sense. Basically when a person speaks their pitch changes as they put expression into different words. I believe to make it sound like a monotone chant, I’ll have to level out the pitch of the sample?

There’s probably some really simple way of doing this on Audacity, an effect of some kind or something.

I’m not sure… There is a free Auto-Tune like plug-in called [u]GSnap[/u].

Auto-tune might be able to do it. I’m pretty sure Melodyne could do it.

Any background sound effects or music is going to get pit-shifted too, and that might sound screwy.

…The best solution is probably for you or someone you know to mimic the voice.

Ok thanks, I’ll look into it