Level volume between two different voices

So, if I have an Audacity file with an interview of mine. One track is my voice and the other track is the guest’s voice, what are the best steps to take in Audacity to to level to the same volume across the board?

Usually you have to shoot it that way, or shoot it on two different tracks so you can have access to one without affecting the other. The two conventional ways are automatically with Effect > Compressor or Chris’s Compressor (download) or, alternately, manually by selecting one word at a time and Effect > Amplify. If you both talk at the same time, you’re stuck. Interviewers learn not to do that.

How did you shoot the interview and how far apart are the two volumes? We can’t rescue a bad Skype interview or an electronic cellphone interview.


There is another way to do it manually. You can use the Envelope Tool (two white arrows and bent blue line). The Envelope Tool gives you the ability to manually push up or down the volume with any accuracy you want. Word by word can be done. Koz