level problems when exporting

Hey guys,

Long time user, first time poster. Im running XP x64 and the newest version of audacity. I’m trying to edit down the song One More Time by Daft Punk for DJ’ing purposes. I have it edited as I want but when I export it as a WAV file the it sounds compressed. I understand that there is likely to be a very small amount of quality loss but i cant figure out why it seems to be compressed. I am comparing my edited exported WAV file to the original CD quality (1411kbps) WAV file. All i did was cut up the song. No effects or plugins or anything. Just simple cut, copy and paste. Any ideas why I’m getting this compression when the most things drop out except for the horns and tambourine? HOLLER

One More Time no bridge Edit.aup (13.3 KB)

AUP you posted isn’t a sound file. It’s an Audacity Project manager. It’s text.

Anyway, if you Exported a WAV file at 44100, 16-bit, Stereo, it should sound identical to the original. If you Exported as a MP3, you might have problems, but not WAV. The music on a CD is WAV 44100, 16-bit Stereo.

The symptoms of missing some instruments and odd, muted presentation can be gotten by mixing down to mono and a wiring error. That’s one way. Did you try to Vocal Remove in one of your filters or effects? That filter will work like that.

Open up the original work and watch the bouncing sound meters. They’re different, right? The illustration is of a single piano, stereo miked and it’s slightly different. If you’re listening on headphones, the sound is deep and surround.


I bet if you opened your final show in Audacity and played it, the two meters match. If you listen to that on headphones, I bet the show is flat and straight ahead.