Length Shortens when Track Is Imported

I’m running Audacity 2.0.3. on a Windows 7 Home Edition operating system.

I’m working on a video project and encountering syncing problems when I import audio to Audacity.

I save the video I need the audio from in Windows Movie Maker (2012 edition). The file’s an MPEG-4 Audio. For the sample I’ve been working with, it’s length is 22:46.29.

I import that track into Audacity. Once it’s in, it is 22:46.25.

I’ve tried adjusting the Project Rate and the import settings under Edit (Preferences) to no avail. What causes this problem, and how do I fix it?

You mean 22 minutes and 46.29 seconds, and the Audacity track is 0.04 seconds too short? Is that a problem?

It is when I return the audio to the video and the two are out of sync.

Is it out of sync all the way through, or does it gradually drift out of sync?

All the way through.

Then just move it along a bit to sync it up.
Many compressed audio formats have imprecise start times. If you need the start time to be exact you should use a high quality uncompressed audio format such as WAV.