"length of recording" gauge

I don’t know if this is often wanted, but it would really be handy for me, so I’m throwing the suggestion out. Along with the Selection Start and Audio Position at the bottom of the page, what about a real time gauge showing the length of the recording? As I edit recordings to fit them to CDs, it would be a great help to have a feature like this to see what pause sizes need cutting and such as this as I am going.

Thank you for the great work!


There isn’t a lot of room for a feature very similar to what we have already. Is it difficult to use the Timeline above the waveform or the Audio Position counter at the bottom to see how much recording has elapsed? Or don’t your recordings start at time zero?

If you want to limit recording to the length of the CD you can select that length first in a new track, make sure “Transport > Overdub” is checked, then recording will stop when the end of the selection is reached.


My use is probably not that common. I have the material in the recording that must be shortened enough to fit onto a CD. Yes, it is easy to see how much is done. I just have to scroll to the end periodically to see how much more must be removed. What I’m doing primarily is cutting pauses between words and sentences in conversation, and cutting things not relevant. It would just be a convenience for me, not anything critical. And it may not benefit many others, so…

Thanks and keep up the good work!


A really quick way to do that without losing the place that you are currently working:

  1. Click on the track anywhere within the section that you are working.
  2. Hold down the shift key and press the End key.
    You can now see the end of the project.
  3. Release the shift key and briefly tap the left cursor key
    You are now back to where cursor was in step 1.

Actually, I think that will do what I want. Thanks!


Transferred the actual Feature Request to Pending Feature requests page on the Wiki.

Retained this page on the forum under Audio Processing as Steve’s work-around could be useful to other readers.


Thanks Wax. The tip didn’t prove any simpler than dust dragging the pointer across to the end and checking. But I appreciated it anyway. My request still stands.