legal recodings?

I’ve digitized some irreplaceable records, some GLASS. To my dismay, they have been moved (stolen by VLC), and not retrievable from back up (only can
retrieve 5-6 measures). Once before, my Father’s recording from 1947 was labled with some bad stuff by a pathetic person (worse than grafetti) :confused: . So, my experience has been a struggle and I am desperate to recover what I can. Once digitized, I gave away my record collection! Is there any faith in humans out there to help, even a challenged effort?? Getting to this post is hard enough! Thanks be to the one who cares! “Sister”

It sounds unlikely that we will be able to help, but we can try…

How do you mean “they have been moved”?
Where were they?
What did you do and what happened?

(VLC is just a media player, so it does not seem possible that it would have “stolen them” in a literal sense).

Possibly audio file-type have become associated with VLC media player.
If so you could still open them in Audacity, e.g. via drag & drop,
or change the association from VLC to Audacity so they will open in Audacity when you click on an audio file …