Legacy macro-output folder

“Nyquist UTF-8 ToolBox” is very old (2010).
It seems that mostly “Nyquist UTF-8 ToolBox” is not required as most of the functionality is already built into the current version of Nyquist.
Unfortunately it does not help in this case.

The plug-in works by looking for the last item in the list of “[RecentFiles]” (from audacity.cfg).
It does this by calling:

(aud-do "GetPreference: Name=RecentFiles/file<number>

where is a number from 01 to 12, and the last non-empty value is used.

The problem is that from "(aud-do “GetPreference: …”, Audacity returns the preference value as an ASCII string. Audacity has already stripped out non-ASCII characters and replaced them with underscores, so there’s no way that Nyquist can determine the UNICODE string.

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