Left Right Speaker slider in the Track Control Panel always on Left?


Is there a way, when I make a new record, that the (L) left and (R) right speaker slider in the Track Control Panel is always at (L) Left?

I ask, because my right internal speaker is damaged. On every record I must manually move the slider to (L) Left.

I want it automatically on the (L) Left.


If you record in mono (set the number of channels to “1 (mono)” in the Device Toolbar) then you will be recording both left and right into a mono track, and both will come out in both L/R output channels on playback.

You could create a macro: Tools > Macros…; New > MyLeftPanner; Insert > Pan Left > OK; OK;
To Run: Tools > Apply Macro > MyLeftPanner.

But this may take more keystrokes than it would take to simply move the slider. :smiley: See also, Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual

And, as steve says, record in Mono so you don’t lose right channel information.

For $10 or $20 USD you can get a pair of cheap (external) computer speakers or headphones. (I assume it’s a cost issue and you don’t want to pay to have your computer repaired?)