Left Input Speaker Recieving Sound ONLY

Hello, I have been trying to figure out this problem for months by myself and now seek Forum Help. I have searched everywhere for my problem and from what I found, no one else seems to have this problem. I have a RODE studio microphone and every time I record sound, it only receives the left input and plays through left input only. I know about the stereo and mono inputs and I am for sure having the input on 2-speaker and not mono. When I record that’s when it only goes through left channel. I have been messing with all other controls and nothing seems to fix the problem. My interface is a m-audio Avid, I can hear my microphone clearly through the interface itself. But even when I go into windows preferences and listen to it there. I still only hear it go through the left speaker. Could this be a interface defective problem? I KNOW FOR A FACT it is not the microphone because I have bought another one and it still did the same thing. I am going insane right now and it would be helpful if someone could help me with my problem. It is very confusing and I need as much help as I can get. If you need more information about my problem please contact me at my e-mail, I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP!!!
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I removed your email address. Posting a live address on the forum is a really bad idea. We get a lot of systems trolling us for addresses to send advertisements and trash to.

If you force a stereo system to record a Rhode single microphone or a single USB interface, then yes, you may get Left only. If, however, you set Audacity to record in Mono, you will get a single sound track labeled Mono and it will play to both speakers (even if the red recording meters are wrong). It will export and play that way everywhere. You can do production in a stereo show like that as well.

It’s a little off-putting to do production like that, so I usually duplicate the track (Edit > Duplicate) and make it stereo with the track menus to the left.

I usually deliver stereo voice tracks to video editing people when I am the capture elf. Delivering stereo is a good thing because all the rest of their work is stereo and it gives everybody a warm, fuzzy feeling when everything matches.