Left Channel Recording To Both Sides

I record voice-overs for a wrestling show that have 3 people talking. I have two headsets that sound great and one handheld that needs some work in post. To save from investing in a digital recorder or a new usb board, I’m trying to mix the headsets to one side and the handheld to the other. Audacity will only record the left channel across both channels. Whatever is on the left side Audacity is recording to both the left and right and not recording the right side.

What kind of hardware do you have and how is it connected?

With a standard soundcard you can only record 2-channels, and many laptops only one input record in mono. If you want to record from 3 microphones you’ll need a mixer (to mix-down to 1 or 2 channels) or an audio interface with 3 or more channels.

If you have a laptop with no line-in, you’ll either need a USB audio interface or a mixer with a USB connection. If you have a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard you can use line-out of a mixer into line-in on the soundcard.

And if you want to record 3-simultaneus-separate channels, Audacity probably isn’t your best choice of software.

A mixer or audio interface will also need “proper” microphones/headsets with XLR connectors. Stage/studio microphones are not interchangeable with “computer microphones”