Left channel recording to both channels (SOLVED)

I’m a new Audacity user and tried searching this topic but did not find an answer.

I’m running Win7 on a Dell laptop, using a Behringer 2x2 USB Audio Interface to connect my hi-fi system to a USB port. Using either of the USB input choices (2-USb Audio CODEC or Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input) the left audio channel records to both stereo channels. I can hear correct stereo through the headphone jack on the Behringer and if I switch the input cables to the Behringer, the audio switches (right channel to the left input then the right channel signal is recorded). When I click on Audio Track "left channel is checked but greyed out. If I click Split Stereo Track and then click Right Channel it still only records the left channel.

I seems like this is something I am missing in the Adacity settings but perhaps it is a problem with the Behringer unit. Any thoughts or trouble shooting I can do to figure out where the problem lies?

Currently the only Audacity setting that determines the number of channels recorded is the last box in Device Toolbar .

Have you checked that Windows is set to stereo for this device:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_recording_how_to_s.html#rinstereo ?


Gale, thank you so much. Your link to the right spot on the FAQ was exactly what I needed and it gave me the fix. I had dug around a bunch both in the FAQ, in the forum, and in Windows help forums and not found this simple fix. Not sure why I couldn’t find it but you did, so thanks again.

Separate subject as to why Windows would default the USB port as “mono, left channel only” but there it is.

Because Microsoft thought that was a good idea :confused:

Excellent, I’ll mark this as “solved”.

To be fair, given Vista and later have the concept of Default Format (number of channels/bit depth/sample rate) for devices, an input device can’t be both mono and stereo.

You can argue that USB inputs should be stereo by default, but I can see why mono was chosen given the Windows emphasis on conference calls recording.