Left and right channels

windows 11
Audacity 3.2.1

Newby here
How do I record separate left and right voice channels for 2 talking skulls on a boobox prop controller?

It kind of depends on what hardware you have and where you’re starting from…

If have two mono recordings you can open or import the 1st one and then File → Import Audio for the 2nd one. Then you’ll have two mono tracks open in one project.

To the left of the waveforms there are volume sliders and L-R sliders so you can move one track to the left and the other to the right.

If you have stereo tracks, also to the left of the waveform there is a little drop-down arrow where you’ll find options like Make Stereo Track and Split Stereo to Mono, etc.

I’m recording my voice with a stereo microphone plugged into my computer

So you’re starting with two separate stereo recordings? One for each skull?

You can use those drop-down menus to make two separate mono files first.