Layering A quiet Voice with a Loud Voice

Hello guys, I am super new to doing thing in audacity and I am going to try my best to describe what I am doing and the problem I need help with.

In the sound track there is the dominate voice in the track with background music and then I want a quiet lyrical voice to interject here and there, but I want this to happen in a quiet way. And so the question is two fold one: when I record the voice to i record it on a lower voice by doing something in audacity and if so what specific function do I engage in to make this happen?

If this is not the case, can someone tell me exactly what to do?


Please post the computer type, operating system version and Audacity version—all three numbers.
I’m typing on a Mac Mini, OS-X 10.9.5 and I use Audacity 2.1.0.

Odd question. How is the music getting there? How are you producing the rest of the show? That may give us a clue how best to add one sound element. We can guess at it, but it’s best is you just tell us.


Okay here is what I did so far

I imported a background beat, and then purposefully recorded my voice to be louder then the background. And now I want to add suttle sound of my voice which will be quieter than the main voice, and I am wondering if there is a specific tool in audacity which can lower the voice so that in the play back it will be quiter than the main voice I am using.

Yes this is a weird quetion, but I think the main question is if there is a specific tool to effect the volume of the playback of the sound

See that bold text up there in the first answer?

okay sorry, here is what am working with

Windows 7
Audacity 2.1.0
I am using a PC Toshiba Laptop

Thanks for the help

Audacity is a multi-track audio editor : each voice or instrument can have its own track.
The volume of each track is adjustable using the level slider-control on the left of the track …
The slider control [I've coloured purple] controls the volume of that particular track in the mix.png

Hey, thank you very much - that was very helpful :slight_smile: