laut noise in new version 2.6 but not in Beta 1.3

I was haveing trouble with getting higher spikes/sound when recording in Beta version 1.3 using windows 7. So I downloaded the latest version and it makes a loud noise when recording. So I tried again in the old version and the noise is not there.
Also, why in the manual you have to start with an existing file? Why does the manual not tell us how to start fresh? Any and all advice is appreciated.

Why does the manual not tell us how to start fresh?

If you’re talking about the on-line manual, it does.

Attached is a segment of Page 1 of the manual.

Editing an audio file is really simple and it gets you used to the tools and where everything is. The second tutorial is how to make your own sound file which means you need to know how to record and play. So you used the stuff from the first tutorial in the second.

That segment of the opening page has the most used articles and tutorials we collected from all over. It’s all in one place now.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 21.58.33.png

The Audacity 1.3.x series versions are obsolete and no longer supported.

You will need to be much more detailed about what you are doing, what equipment you are using (including your version of Windows), and what is happening.
“Makes a loud noise” could be anything.

I am using windows seven and obtained the latest version via the .exe installer. 2.0.6 version. Also, I am using Behringer usb mic C-1U trying to voice record.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your reply. After restarting, Audacity 2.0.6 no longer has the by-noice. My only problem remains, is that the voice is low and the recording spikes do no go up high enough.

This seems to be a common problem with USB mics.
How close are you to the mic?

What sort of recording are you making? Audiobook? Podcast? Unaccompanied jazz singing?