Latest Itunes changing songs to 789 hours

Is anyone having trouble with the latest iTunes download changing Audacity modified songs to 789 hrs long. and now they are unreadable in iTunes?

I don’t think that this problem is due to Audacity. From a quick Google search, I see numerous reports of this “789 hours” in iTunes issue going back to at least 2006. Unfortunately I’ve not found any confirmed solutions to the problem.

The most likely solution that I found, was to remove them from the iTunes library, then check that the files are in a location that you have full read / write access, then add them back to the iTunes library.

Are they variable bitrate MP3s?

If so you may be able to fix them with [u]VBRfix[/u] or [u]MP3 Diags[/u].

At one time there may have been a problem with LAME but I thought it was fixed…

It is a problem with the latest ITUNES update. I have been talking with Apple and apparently if you modify a song in Audacity and save it to ITUNES as M4A vs MP3, the songs are NOW coming across as 789 hours and unreadable. I have thousands of files affected. If you have saved songs as M4A from Audacity DO NOT download the latest ITUNES update.

The developers of VinylStudio appear to have an awareness of how to fix the problem on their part, as Apple doesn’t seem inclined to fix it on theirs. Perhaps the Audacity developers may be able to get guidance from the VinylStudio developers on the direction to take on Audacity’s part?

There are some suggested fixes in this topic:

They say “We know why this is”. I wish they had said why it is. If you find more information about this, please do share.

I’ve registered on their forum and asked for details. We’ll see if they’re willing to help.

Here was their reply:

The problem arises when the stts atom contains more than 1 entry.

Further to this, they advise

I have reported this via Apple’s bugreporter, ID 49673283, along with a sample file which will not play.