Later Dudes

Well, it’s “Delete Yourself from the Internet Day” so I’m doing that. Just got done deleting all my posts…you dudes can delete
the topics (including this one) as I could only do the ones no one commented on and SOMEONE insists on commenting on
everyone’s posts. Next is my Google site, they bury your sourcecode in their “java machine” code. Pretty cool! Not!

I didn’t learn much from this board. I don’t like the new version of Audacity, the freeware program that bares a striking
resemblance to Cool Edit 96 (check out the icons, they both have headphones!). From the looks of it, you guys should
be all Mozilla Foundationed up in a few years. Enjoy the scientology. It’s all around you, man…

Anywayz, still dig Audacity 1.2.6 and will keep it around until Windows won’t run it no more, then maybe I’ll get back to
skateboarding or working on motos.

Nyquist is cool and I’m glad I figured out how to program with it. Shoot. If they’d released that XFORM code in the late 1970s
for BASIC, I could have saved some time from having to program those LAME MIDI-esque note arrays into my Atari XT.
Hey, they LET us program MORSE code…that so cool…NOT.

Ha ha. Well, someone on this board said that “Nyquist is a High-Level Language” and something about if you don’t like
that, then it ain’t for you. Well, the only “High-Level” language this programmer needs is a some fresh west coast
doobage, a bong, and the latest copy of Breaking Benjamine.

I’ll miss you most of all Mr. Hand!