latency varies

Hi there,
I am currently running Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 10 x86. I have a problem with the latency settings. What I do is record a click or something and then record it again from the playback and measure the latency. I then input the correct value into the settings and try the clicking thing again, which works fine. Then five minutes later I might record two tracks one after the other and find out that the latency’s value has changed, what can I do about that ? Any idea what might be causing it ?

Recording latency, which is what you’re adjusting measures the time relationships between playing the backing track to you and where the recording goes.

If your setting is moving, it could be the machine can’t keep the relationship constant through defect/instability, the machine is filling up, or is too busy.

In overdubbing, the machine has to play all your backing tracks absolutely perfectly and record your fresh performance, also absolutely perfectly. Taken upside down, this is one of the tests you can do to make sure your machine is working perfectly.

Yours isn’t.

Try restarting and don’t let anything else launch. Disconnect the network. Clean your hard drive. Do you have an SSD or spinning metal? If spinning metal there’s a thing about Windows only automatically optimizing under certain conditions like leaving it running overnight. I need to look that one up.

If you only have a small portion of your drive free, that can cause problems. If you’re using external USB drives, those are famous for causing delay problems. Audacity hates network drives.


Your advice seems to work fine, thanks a lot.