Latency problems

I have followed the instructions and I just cannot seem to get the two tracks to align. Track one is a click track and track two is that click track recorded through the internal mic. Very frustrating. Do not get the two little arrows although I undersatnd this may not be part of the soilution now

For overdubbing to work right, your computer has to be able to play the backing track absolutely perfectly and record a new sound track absolutely perfectly and both at the exact same time. If your computer isn’t up to that for whatever reason, then automatic overdubbing is not going to work.

Do the overdubbing latency test where you record the backing click track with your microphone. Stop. Now record a second one. The error or timing miss between the old and new tracks needs to be the same. If you got two different numbers then this machine with its settings is never going to handle overdubbing automatically.

That’s not to say you can’t over dub. You can, but you will have an extra production step. You will need to use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways arrows) to push your new track into alignment with the backing track. And do that for each new track.

If you discover that the beginning and the end of the new track don’t line up at the same time, then the computer needs servicing.