Latency Problems

I Have Audacity 2.0.5 running on windows 8. My computer is a dell laptop with 2.60ghz Intel Core i5 processor and 6gb of memory and tons of free space on it because it’s pretty new. I run a guitar thru my Digitech rp355 and have it set as the in and the out. I have read tons of help topics on latency problems but can’t figure it out. I did the test with the click tracks and adjusted the latency setting but it only worked once. When I clicked record again it happened. My old computer and old version of audacity worked perfect. I just want to continue making my CD but I can’t. I Thought getting a new computer a new pedal and a new version of Audacity would make it better not worse. Please Help!

What exactly happened?

Is the problem that the click-track and your performance don’t “line-up” after recording (latency compensation), or is the monitoring of yourself delayed so that it’s difficult to play?

There’s always some latency through a computer. Usually, the best solution is to monitor yourself directly (not through the computer). I don’t know if the Digitech can do that, or if you’d have to rig-up some additional hardware. (You shouldn’t hear any latency with your guitar amp or headphones plugged into the Digitech, but I don’t know how to mix-in the backing/click track.)

If you can’t bypass the computer, usually you can minimize latency to an acceptable level but then you may start getting glitches, so you often have to compromise. If you have hardware & software that supports ASIO drivers, that can help. A faster computer or making sure your computer isn’t running any background tasks won’t automatically reduce latency, but it may allow you to get away with lower latency (smaller buffers).

If it’s simply a matter of your backing-track being out-of-sync after recording, worst case you can align the tracks manually.

Sound is fine when not recording or monitoring. When I click record is when latency happens. I don’t even have to click record. As soon as I click monitor to have the bars running latency happens. I have a digitech rp355 for my guitar it is hooked up via usb to computer I am hearing myself through a headphone output on the rp355.

Monitoring, after you listen to recorded track it is fine

You are still not saying what exactly happens. Tell us what happens without using the word “latency”.

The recording will be laid down late - there is nothing you can do about it except correct it afterwards (manually or with latency correction).

Do you mean you are hearing your recording late, while you record, or hearing the song you are reocrding against late?

Do you have the RP355 set as playback and recording device in Device Toolbar ?