Latency problem ongoing

I’ve got a problem with fixing the latency setting on my desktop. I’ve followed advice from online, watched a few videos and got it nearly right, but I just can’t get Audacity to get rid of a last very short delay. Any help would be appreciated.

You can’t completely eliminate latency though the computer but sometimes it can be low-enough that it’s not noticeable.

It’s related to multitasking and buffering and your operating system is always multitasking even if you are only running one application.

I’m not an expert but there is a FREE online book about optimizing your computer for audio called Glitch Free.

There are audio interfaces that allow zero-latency direct-hardware monitoring (where the monitoring doesn’t go through the computer) and IMO, that’s the best solution. You can still listen to a backing-track from the computer and the latencies can be compensated-for in the mix.

What kind of latency are you talking about?

There is the delay between speaking into a microphone while recording and hearing your voice back in your headphones.

Then there is latency when over-dubbing, where you adjust the recorded track to align with the tracks you are listening to while you record.

Thanks for the info Doug, I’ll check it out.

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