"Latency Problem" attempting to record [SOLVED]

Sorry Guys about this but this is more a question than a reply post…(i just cannot find the new topic button on the left top corner as per the manual). I have a problem recording in the first place. I’m a novice and use Audacity for very basic recording, playback and stuff like that. But I’m now I’m neither able to do playback or record due to the attached message. I get a message as attached and just I’m not able to identify and rectify. Pls. help
Error message.png

On this page: https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=46
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What are you trying to record?

If you are trying to record computer playback using Windows WASAPI, decide whether speakers or headphones are playing the audio then set the recording device in Device Toolbar to the (loopback) of that device.

And turn off Transport > Overdub. That will stop the messages appearing though won’t fix the stalled recording.


Thank you Gale. (1) My problem on this subject is resolved. I’m a new user of this forum and am groping my way thru now. Will get to understand the forum user discipline as I get more familiar. Pls. bear with me until then.