Latency issues when monitoring through my headphones

Hello, I’m using Audacity 3.0 (I’ve tried newer versions but have this same problem with any newer version) on a Macbook Air M1, with an Audient id14 interface. When I turn on ‘software playthrough of input’ in Preferences > Recording I can hear my voice but there is terrible latency through my headphones. If I don’t turn on ‘software playthrough of input’ I can’t hear myself through my headphones at all. The headphones are plugged into my interface. I’ve tried to fix this by upping the latency compensation in Preferences > Devices, but it does nothing. I wasn’t having this problem before but after switching to this particular interface it has cropped up. Now, even when I go back to my older Apogee interface this issue continues. I’m using Audacity for audiobook narration, so very simple mono, single track recording. Could there be some kind of cross wire with my Macbook Air?

Oh, I’m running Big Sur 11.6

In order to hear your voice in your headphones with zero latency, the sound must be routed within the interface. As far as I can tell from a quick reading of the manual for the ID4 it does not provide for this. It seems it might be provided with their software mixing application.
Sound routed through Audacity (software playthrough) always has latency and there is nothing you can do about it. The latency correction you’re looking at is for doing overdubs.
Have you asked Audient for help?
– Bill

Thank you for your response. This confirms my suspicions. I have not been able to update the firmware on the audient software mixing application - it fails every time I try. I’m pretty sure there is a button on that application that allows me to turn on/off monitoring through my mic. I have been in touch with audient support and they sent me a firmware update that I should have been able to download to my desktop and upgrade with but it was corrupted and also failed. Since then it has been radio silence from audient support even though I have tried multiple times to get them to respond. At least now I feel like I know what I have to try and accomplish. If anyone has any ideas about the audient firmware update I’d love to know but I realize this is not the forum for that.

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