Latency Issue While Overdubbing Mono Guitar Tracks

I lay down the initial track and then create a new track to play over. I play for about 5 seconds, then the audio pauses/shorts out mid recording only to come back. If I continue to play I’ll stop the recording and play it back and the part where it pauses/shorts out is out of sync and latency is messed up on the new overdubbed track.

I’ve already set latency to its correct timing so not sure why this is happening again. I’ve looked through the forum and manual and cannot find a fix for this issue. I’m thinking it may have something to do with my RAM or computer just getting bogged down or overloaded but its weird in that it happens at the same instance in the recording when trying to re-record.

I’m running W10 Home 64 bit OS
Audacity 3.2.4
I’m recording through a Yamaha THR10X Modeling Combo amp with USB plugin.

If in the course of troubleshooting we make the problem worse, it’s good to know that. Any change is valuable knowledge.

How full is the hard drive?? You can’t go into sound production with your hard drive almost full.

Do Not try production on USB, External, Network, or Cloud Drives. Internal drive only.

You could have competition from other applications. Do a clean shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. Do Not let anything else start. Set up the overdub. Did the problem get worse? Better?

Windows has tools to organize the hard drive. There is a thing called fragmenting where the spaces for storage are all smaller than your file. So the system whacks up your work into little pieces so each piece fits—somewhere. You can tell the machine to optimize the storage.

Fair warning if you try this with a full hard drive, you may have time to go on holiday while it’s doing it.


Thanks for the reply. I tried everything you suggested. Nothing changed. I did a clean restart, made sure nothing was sucking cpu and competing with Audacity, overdub is activated, drop out is deactivated, and I am saving directly to my hard drive which has almost 800 gbs free.

Here’s a link to the issue that I’ve uploaded on YouTube.

Also make sure you browser is not running, and also try disconnecting wifi during your recording session.

Looking at your video, note that handling multiple tracks will put an extra load on your cpu and hard drive. Try doing a Mix And Render to new track, then copy only that new track to a new project. Record into that new project. Later you can copy the recorded track back.

I will try those suggestions and see what I come up with. Thank you for checking out the video. I will update this thread with my findings.