Latency Issue using Windows 10 [SOLVED]

I am having issues getting latency to align in Windows 10. It is either milliseconds behind or ahead. It sometimes will move the track forward and sometimes negative, even when the numerical setting remains the same. I have followed all the tutorials and still have the issue. I updated to 2.2.1 and still have the same issue. I have used Audacity for the past several years and recorded 4 full projects with no issues. I’m pretty good at figuring it out, but this one has me stumped. Any advice is welcome!

Variation of +/- 1 ms is unlikely to be significant unless you are multi-tracking synthesized tones.
For real-world sounds, being “out of time” by a couple of milliseconds is not noticeable.

Few consumer grade sound cards will provide timing accuracy better than a couple of milliseconds, though you may find better (or worse) accuracy depending on the “host” setting in the device toolbar. On Windows, I think that WASAPI should give the best accuracy, if it is fully supported by the sound card (not all sound cards fully support WASAPI). The only way to know for sure is to test all options and see what works best with that particular computer.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the insight and reply. I successfully switched to WASAPI and it fixed my issues.