Latency issue mid project

We’ve been recording with audacity beta a few times following a freeze audacity reset to default latency values. We reselected sound card, sample rates, etc but neglected to check the latency correction which we had set via loop back test. We don’t know what was recorded with the loop back number or the default ( -130). How much of an issue will this be? Suggestions?

I assume you’re overdubbing. Recording latency can be easily discovered by playing back a click track or metronome (backing track) and jamming your headphones against the microphone.

Check the timing between the two tracks.

And apply that number to the latency adjustment. It may take two or more passes.


A note. I don’t mean substitute the new number for the old one. I mean add or subtract it. And yes, everybody goes the wrong direction the first time.


Where is the latency adjustment to be found? Thanks- Ike

“Edit menu > Preferences > Devices” (Audio Settings Preferences - Audacity Manual)

See also: Latency Test - Audacity Manual

Grateful. I didn’t realize devices, was a category. Duh!