Latency fluctuating from run to run

I start audacity to record audio from a youtube video and than play it, recorded voice is slower and deeper than original I than go to preferences - recording and put 50 ms correction and try recording argain audio is now fine but if I close audacity and than start it again I get the same problem and I must put correction to 0 ms to get normal recording if I restart audacity again I will again need to put 50 ms correction and so on.

The problem you describe is not “latency”. Latency is the time delay between sound coming into the computer and being written to disk, and/or the time taken for audio data to be read from disk and played through the sound card, or the round trip from input to disk to output. Either way, it is a “delay”, not a change in speed or pitch.

Did you know that you can download from YouTube rather than recording? There are several advantages to downloading rather than recording. The quality of a download can be just as good as the YouTube original, whereas a recording will never be quite as good due to imperfections in the sound card. It is also much quicker.

Note that recording / downloading from YouTube may be illegal if the content is under a restrictive copyright. It is your responsibility to check (not ours :wink:)

To download from YouTube, you will need Firefox, and one of the many YouTube downloader plug-ins (use your preferred search engine to find one).
In most cases this will download the video (pictures and audio), but if you install FFmpeg you can import the audio from the video file using “File menu > Import > Audio”.
If you are using Ubuntu or Mint, you probably already have FFmpeg installed.

I was using youtube only as a test.

If it is not a latency issue than why does messing with a latency correction solves it for a moment?

I was wondering that myself. Is the “latency correction” the only thing that you are changing, or are you adjusting the “audio buffer” setting as well?
Have you tried just restarting the recording a couple of times without changing anything?

Recording from the internet at the wrong speed is mentioned now and again on Linux. It is usually a sample rate problem. Changing the project rate bottom left of Audacity to the rate of the file or the rate of the sound card might fix it, or you may have to go much deeper than that into Linux sound settings.

Please tell us your version of Audacity and distribution of Linux (see the pink panel at the top of the page). We can’t get anywhere without that information.

Tell us exactly how you are recording YouTube, for example PulseAudio monitor, loopback cable… and give us the information from Help > Audio Device Info… top right of Audacity.


I’m not sure if this is the same issue or not, but I get a latency correction error when I try to record additional tracks to a drum track I have imported. When I attempt to overdub, the recording cursor(?) gets stuck at before zero in the timeline. The popup suggests using the time shift tool to move the track to where it needs to be. So far, I haven’t been able to figure out how this works, since timeline tools are disabled when recording. In my case, changing the latency corrections settings hasn’t helped but that’s an interesting idea.

That error message is a bit misleading, but I’m not sure how we can improve it.
What it means is that “for some reason” the recording is so short that “latency correction” has moved the recording to a position earlier than time=0, so the recording is not visible and you cannot easily get at it. “Latency correction” is a normal and necessary thing when making multi-track / overdub recordings. The thing that is not “normal” is that the recording stopped almost immediately after it started. in the case that you describe, what happened was that the recording stalled almost immediately after you started the recording. I’m guessing that you are using either the “default” or “pulse” settings in the device toolbar.

To stand a chance of being able to help you, we really need you to provide more information about your setup. A good place to start would be to provide the information that Gale asked for.

I know this is an old thread but I’ve just encountered the altered speed problem today. I recorded part of a guitar track off YouTube in order to work out what was being played and produce some tablature. Recording into Audacity is useful because you can highlight specific passages and slow them down to get better detail etc. On YouTube the piece is in E major, or C#m, but in Audacity it ended up a whole tone lower. I could get it back to pitch using the speed control and in the past when I encountered this problem I just retuned my guitar to suit but that is too much bother…

Having read the post by Gale Andrews I changed the sample rate from 44100 to 22050 and recorded the section again. This time it was at the correct speed and in the right key. Cheers.