Latency Error Correction

Im using Audacity version win 2.1.0.exe with Windows 7. I can’t record because the Latency Error Correction prevents me from doing so. I was able to correct the problem by reloading Audacity, but now any version I try has the latency problem. What can I do?

Which latency problem? You can’t listen to the computer while you record. Machine latency will just kill you with delay and echo. It is recommended you listen to the microphone or interface device.

Overdubbing latency, the ability to record several different instruments one on top of the other is easily correctable with the overdubbing latency adjustment process.


Exactly what are you recording, using what recording device (make and model number), and how does that recording device connect to the computer?

Is your recording stalling so that the red recording cursor does not move? If yes and if the recording device connects by a USB cable, reboot the computer.

If that is not the problem, Edit > Preferences…, Recording section and increase “Audio to buffer”.


I found the answer in the Manual at Subject Index > Latency Test

Using version 2.2.1 and I solved my problem of getting the latency error that prevented recording a second track by going to Windows / Sound / Playback / Properties (I’m using a Tascam US-122 Mk II audio interface) and changing the sample rate / bit depth from the default of 16 bits / 48000 Hz to 16 bits / 44100 Hz to match the sample rate in Audacity. And ensured that overdub was checked and software playthrough was unchecked. :slight_smile: