Latency data of Audio Files


I’ve been following this tutorial:

But i’m not sure if i’m doing it right, because I want to test with audio files (.caf and .aif), testing the latency with three kind of waves (sine, sawtooth and square).I wrote this data audio in files on my mac using Core Audio.

I just import the files into the AudaCity, and created a ping and record, but the tests show me basically the same numbers: in about 500 ms.

I want to know if exists another way to test the latency with the AudioFiles.

“Latency” isn’t about “files”.
Latency refers to the delay between the time the audio enters the computer and the time Audacity is able to record it to a track. It’s only really relevant if you are making “overdub” recordings. For most other tasks it is irrelevant.

So, there is no way to use the audio into the files to apply any latency test?

Why do you want to do a latency test? What are you actually wanting to do?

I am doing my final college work. I thought I could test the latency using audio files. :frowning:

I’m giving this idea, now try to perform rendering of audio tests, finding the best sign, with different formats(if its possible, of course).

“Latency” is a “delay” between one thing and another.
In the context of Audacity, and specifically, “latency” refers to the “delay” between the time that audio enters the sound card and the time that the it is written (in digital format) to the hard drive.

What is the “delay” that you are wanting to measure?

I want to measure the time between I press play and the time that the sound is executed in my sound system.
I want to discover if the result is different depending the type of data, or waves.

Audacity does not work directly with files. Unless you have enabled the “on demand loading” feature (off by default), Audacity copies the audio data into a temporary folder as a series of small data files (usually in 32 bit float format). See here if you want more information about this: