latency correction error when starting recording [SOLVED]

Just bought a new phantom powered condenser mic. When I try to add new traks to existing projects with new mic, I get message (latency correction setting has caused audio hidden before zero) Settings are buffer=100 correction= -130

Is it a USB microphone? What make/model?
If not a USB mic, how is it connected to the computer?

The message that you are getting is because the recording is failing as soon as it starts, which is creating a very short track that is “hidden” because it is entirely before time=0.

And you should know by know to always tell us your version of Audacity and version of Windows. :wink: See the pink panel at the top of the page.


2.1.2 windows 10 mikes are run thru a Audiobox usb. It is not only happening with the new mike. Something will not allow me to add additional tracks now. project rate is 44100.

solved it was a reload and reboot thing. usb box.