Latency and Static noise only when recording over an imported track

I am using a Spark Mini amp on windows 10 pc and using Audacity at the “DAW”
When I record guitar ONLY there is no latency and no static noise
When I import a track I want to play over (along with) when I play it back there is a lot of static noise and about a .25 second latency.

I am a NOVICE with recording so please explain what I need to do like I am 5 years old lol

I really just want to be able to record over an imported track (like a metallica song) and play over it, adding my own things and need to know what exactly to do so I can get rid of the static and the latency.

Again, when I simpley connect the guitar and record, it is crystal clear and no latency when playing it back. Only when I import a song and record over and play back. No noise or latency is noticeable until I play it back.

Can anyone help? I was hoping this was going to be an active forum…

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