Latence volontaire / I want latency !

Bonjour à tous,

Ma question va vous paraître étrange, mais j’aurai besoin d’une réponse.
Je m’enregistre au micro pendant que je parle.
C’est un micro externe.
Je m’écoute au casque.
Le logiciel fonctionne bien, je n’ai quasiment pas de latence lorsque je m’écoute au casque pendant que j’enregistre. Cool

Mais en fait, je voudrais qu’il y ai une latence d’à peu près 1 seconde.
Oui, je voudrais m’entendre en décalé par rapport à ce que je dis.
C’est exactement l’inverse de ce que tout le monde voudrait !

Est-ce possible, comment puis-je faire , il faut que cela soit fait en direct. Au moment ou j’enregistre je veux m’entendre avec un décalage !

Merci d’avance.

Hello everyone,

My question is going to sound strange, but I need an answer.
I register the microphone while I’m talking.
This is an external microphone.
I headphones.
The software works well, I have almost no latency when I’m listening to headphones while I record. cool

But in fact, I wish there was a latency of about 1 second.
Yes, I would like to hear me offset from what I say.
This is exactly the opposite of what everyone wants!

Is this possible, how can I do, it has to be done live. When I record I want to hear me with a lag!

Thank you in advance.

Audacity does nothing in real time. No effects or filters. Latency is also called machine delay because it’s different with each machine and it’s very difficult to control.

I had to make a live delay for a conferencing test and I used the demo version of a very expensive audio program to do it. The demo version never expired.


Thanks kozikowski.
Please, what is the name of the software you used to have latency ?

If you are using Linux as your operating system you can route the audio through a delay effect (via “Jack Audio System” and “Jack Rack”) before passing the audio through to the playback hardware.

On Windows or Mac OS X, you should be able to route the audio through a delay effect if you use a full DAW (digital audio workstation) application, such as Reaper, Cubase, Sonar, Logic Pro, or similar.

The delay could also be achieved using a hardware delay effect with appropriate signal routing through a mixing desk.

From fuzzy memory it was the demo of an early version of CuBase. The software didn’t belong to me, so I can’t go back and look it up. I was just happy to make the problem go away. Koz