Last recorded track plays with previous track [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.1.2 from exe

Pretty sure this is a dumb newbie Q. I am recording streaming audio using the instructions in the tutorial. After I record a track, I export the file as directed. When I start recording the next track, the last track I recorded starts playing and overdubs onto the new track. I have tried with Transport > Overdubbing on and off with the same result. Software Playthrough is off. Sound Activated Recording is on.

Both of those options will prevent the first track from being “recorded” into the second track, but after recording a second track, you will have 2 tracks, one above the other, and when you play the projects, both tracks will play. To prevent that from happening, either remove the first track, or “mute” it (track “Mute” button).

If you have two or more not-muted tracks in a project and you export to create a normal audio file, the tracks will be mixed together so that all non-muted tracks play at once. To prevent that from happening, either:

  1. Record one track, export it, then delete the track before recording another track.
  2. Record one track the “append record” the next track (see: Audacity Manual) so that the tracks are recorded one after another.
  3. Record the tracks then use “Export Multiple” to export each track as a separate file.
  4. Use “Export Selected Audio” with just one track selected, then repeat with the next track selected.
  5. Mute all tracks that you want excluded from the file

I’m guessing that “2) Append record” is the solution that you are looking for.

Thanks for the comprehensive reply Steve. Removing the track does the trick and I’ll play with appending, so you can mark this solved.

The record source needs to be set to mic input. Or mute each new track. I do that when recording MIDI tracks from Anvil Studio to Audacity.

Or mute each new track.

That will prevent you from hearing those tracks during overdubbing.

I know it will, but you don’t always want or need to hear all of them.