Large WAV file not complete


Last weekend I used Audacity on Windows 10 to record a DJ set that a friend and I played together. The entire set was 7 hours, so the WAV I exported was naturally quite large (in total 4.3GB, which would be the expected size exactly).

However, when I load this WAV into Audacity, or any other media player in either WIndows or Linux, it only loads the first 3 minutes and 7 seconds.

Is this a problem with Audacity’s exportation, or did the file get corrupted somewhere along the line? Is there anything I can do to retrieve the full recording?

Thanks so much!

Stereo WAV unconditionally stable is under three hours (2GB). If you’re feeling adventurous, most systems can deal with six hours at 4GB. Nobody goes over six hours.

You got what was left when the six hours ran out and the system started over.

I think there’s a rescue method for files damaged like this, one of the other elves will post.



I followed that guy’s advice to import RAW data while skipping the header.

It worked!

Thanks, you saved the day.

Audacity is not a good long-form or surveillance recorder. People run into this all the time.

I think FLAC is a perfect quality format missing the file size restriction. Make sure your client can play FLAC files.