Large project files - Version 3.2.1

I have recently been editing sound files with the following properties:

  • Mono or Stereo
  • 44100Hz
  • 16-bit PCM
  • .wav

The audio from .wav files I’ve been editing have been saved in an .aup3 file that have a duration under 3 minutes.

I own one file with the following size / duration / channel:

  • 14,1 MB / 1m18.396s / Mono
    Considering the length of the audio in the .aup3 files, I would expect the file size to be 50MB at most. Unfortunately, the file size is much larger for multiple .aup3 files I own. I will write down several examples by size / duration / channel.
  • 2,89 GB / 1m18.306s / Mono
  • 3,00 GB / 1m26.283s / Mono
  • 3,40 GB / 1m39.753s / Mono

What can I do about this in order to decrease the file size? Thanks in advance.

The large file sizes are due to the recent introduction of non-destructive editing.

If you mix and render any clip it will erase the hidden audio and consequently decrease the file-size.