large file won't import aud2.06 XP

I have a folder that contains 2 gb of an audacity recording that won’t Import.It’s uncompressed and I tried importing via
raw data.It’s not in the recent files list,and Aud doesn’t recognise it .The project name I created is MMBP2,hence the folder
reads MMBP2_data.When I go to properties it says Type: File Folder. which consists of about 20 folders numbered d00 d0a
d0b d0c …d0f then d01 d02 d03 … Once I’m able to access this recording will make it a sucsessful first attempt in
audacity and 96000khz.I’ve alreeady heard A small part and it sounded real good. Hope someone can help me out.

To open an Audacity Project, use the “File menu > Open” command and select the Audacity Project file (has the file extension “.aup”.
See here for information about “Audacity projects”.

Please note also that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and is therefore a dangerously insecure operating system.