laptop - Unable record and save sound/songs from web site

I use Audacity v2.1.2

Is it possible to record and save music using a laptop computer on songs that are being played on a web site ?

I can record/save sound files on a desktop pc with external speakers but not with laptop with built in speakers.

I can record/save sound files using a laptop using a commercial product, Audials.

I checked out FAQ on recording on laptop and it appears that laptop mic is not meant for recording music. Is my assumption correct and if so, my query on this topic is self-answered?


That’s “Recording audio playing on the computer.” This is the Windows version.

Perfectly correct. The goal is not to play to your speakers and then record it with your microphone. That does work, but it has the sound errors of both your speakers and your microphone, plus it picks up the dog barking.

No, the goal is to catch the sound on the way down the play pathway and shunt it off to Audacity for recording before the speaker.