laptop specs

I have Hp 8740w windows 10 32 bit installed audacity 2.3.3 runs slow and crashes or not responding.Is this because of specs on my laptop?if it is can it be easily rectified.Don’t want to spend money as i will be getting Macbook in few months.Any help much welcome


How much RAM?
4GB is the realistic minimum amount of RAM required to run Windows 10 32-bit. Even with 4GB, you need to take care that there are not too many applications open at the same time.

I see that HP only provide drivers for the HP 8740w up to Windows 7, so for Windows 10 you are probably using generic Windows drivers, and that can cause problems. There’s no easy solution when the manufacturer drops support for a product.

What are you doing when it crashes?

Most crashes are related to “other stuff” like drivers or 3rd-party CODECs (for various audio file formats).

Audacity is a mature application and pretty stable. (Although there are some issues with the new Mac operating system and I suspect the developers are pulling their hair out!

Just about any computer is powerful enough for basic stereo recording & editing. But, sometimes the multitasking operating system “gets in the way” when you’re tying to record, and the operating-system goes-off and does something for too long, and you get a glitch/dropout in the recording (usually not a crash).

Thanks for the feedback guys.
this is a borrowed device waiting for replacement of my stolen mac/pro not very clued up on windows.Its bit like trying to write with the other hand lol looks like it going back to my pal…