laptop recording with laptop

I am using windows 10 on a dell laptop. Thus laptop has no physical input for a microphone. Can I use a USB cable from the mixer to record to the laptop. Please send steps.

You left out an important bit. Does the mixer have a USB connection? What’s the model number? My little Peavey mixer doesn’t have one and I have to use a UCA-202 analog USB adapter.


If it’s a modern computer the headphone socket is also the mic socket.
You may need an adapter/splitter (<$10) to connect your microphone to that socket …


If you have a “real” stage/studio microphone and a mixer with a USB port you should get superior results compared to using a regular “computer microphone”.

What mixer do you have?

Most USB mixers are plug-and-play with the Microsoft-supplied drivers. Simply select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. Some higher-end mixers, especially mixers that double as multi-track recording interfaces are “difficult” to use with Audacity.

Right.So there’s multiple directions because we don’t have a good idea of what you already have. Fill in the holes.

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ok. Using a Tascam mixer recorder. it has usb port. Windows 10 laptop. I think one way is to use a USB hub

I think one way is to use a USB hub

Don’t fall in love with that idea. USB hubs do time sharing to get everything in and live sound can’t time share. Find a way to get a dedicated USB connection.