I recently downloaded your program for Windows Vista. At some point it asked me what language to use and I checked English and the installation itself was in English. However, the program was in Danish and I have uninstalled it. While my computer and I are in Denmark I am not pleased when I can’t download programs in English. Is there anyway around this problem?

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sdehart, I think that one of the staff will have to actually answer this one, but I believe that it also has to do from where you Downloaded the program. Since you are in Denmark the i ASS U ME that you D/L’ed from a danish website. You might try this one

Again i might be wrong I am just a forum user not a Staff or ELF,

Hope this helps


Thanks for removing my e-mail address. I am new at this.

See here:
“Preferences” are in the “Edit” menu.

Thanks for your help. I now have your program in English on my computer.