Language preference not available

SVN HEAD and at least as far back as 2.0 – if I start Audacity by double-clicking on its icon then open Preferences to the Interface section I can choose from lots of different languages and everything works as expected. However, when I start Audacity from the command line and open Preferences to the Interface section I am only offered the choice of System and English. Running under the debugger works normally so I can’t figure out a way to debug it. I put MessageBox statements in the code that fills up the array with all the language names and it is clearly being exercised.

FWIW, I don’t see that on Linux.

I have now spent way way too many hours trying to debug this only to decide that I think it is a feature . While running from a command line terminal (on Windows 7 – maybe other versions of Windows as well) if one changes the directory of the terminal to that of the application executable then calls the application without a fully qualified path then only English and System are available and Audacity ignores the user’s Preferences specified language. However, in the exact same scenario, if one calls the executable with a fully qualified path (“DriveLetter:folderapplication.exe” [switches]) then Audacity honors the user’s language choice.

This makes a twisted sort of logic giving support personnel a method of running the program in English regardless of the user’s choice of language.