lamelib file not recognised in 2.01

I am using an Intel ProMac with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed. Downloaded Audacity 2.01 from the dmg. All working fine. Downloaded the lamelib to enable MP3 export. No matter what I do (including downloading both ways), where I place the file or how many times I go through the procedure in preferences etc Audacity fails to recognise the file and keeps asking for it. Is this a glitch with the latest version? I’ve had it working in earlier versions.

This is how I got it to work last time. It does work, it just doesn’t always work where Audacity wants to put it.


And you are running Audacity from the program, right, not from within the dmg file?


In other words the link to the zip Koz mentions is at

Note that this is libmp3lame.dylib. Lamelib is for old 1.2 versions of Audacity using PPC Macs, so will not work for Audacity 2.0 on Intel Mac.


Just to settle a couple of questions. Yes, I am running from the installed program, not from the dmg. And yes, I’m using the recommended libmp3lame.dylib. Was just being lazy saying lame.lib.