Hi. help

I just downloaded Audacity 2.0.5 ( May 21,2014 )

I’m running Window 8.1Pro 64 bit

I use both Explorer and Firefox

I am trying to make my own MP3s but can’t.

When I try create an MP3 a box pops up telling me that I can’t, because I don’t have lame.

I click on the suggested lame site, lame_enc.dll, in the pop up box.

This takes me to anther page, when I click on the click here to download here connection I go to another webpage ( not the suggested one lame_enc.dll )which asks me to click here and when I do not much happens. The directions are very confusing.

I’ve tried to download the suggested site lame_enc.dll independently and that didn’t work either.

I’m an older guy and not to computer savvy, can anyone help me, please.


Do you actually “need” to use MP3 format? Unless you are making a podcast or they are for a portable player that only supports MP3 then there may be another format as good or better, then you could avoid the trouble with Lame altogether.

The steps 1 to 4 should be all that you need to do to install Lame:
Click only on the text links so as to avoid adverts for other products.


Sorry I should have said the reason I wish to make MP3s is so I can export the finished product to my MP3 player.


If all else fails and you’re ready to give-up, [u]TAudioConverter[/u]is also FREE and it can convert to/from many different formats, including MP3.

It’s an extra step and an extra application but you can export to WAV from Audacity, and once you have your MP3 settings configured (bitrate, etc.) it’s just drag-and-drop into TAudioConverter and click.

Or if you are just converting formats without recording or editing, TAudioConverter is a good alternative to Audacity.